What to wear for my man!

No need to scramble what to wear for your man on Valentine’s Day. You have all you need here for some love and affection on your special day. Ladies, use your sex appeal to drive a man attention with simple steps and a little bit more attitude. Put away your chains and whips, as you can be sexy with what you have on. Don’t be afraid to spice up your closet with mini dresses, two pieces, sexy lingerie, and knee high boots. Researchers say that sexy clothing wear keeps a relationship spontaneous and maintains your partner interest. You can strut your walk and pose to make the day exciting for you and your date.

  1. Start with an open cleavage dress for a grown woman look. Look your best in this mini dress followed by a curve hugging fit.

What to wear for my man2.   Slip a little black dress on with a mesh top and black shimmer. It is a must have and will look fabulous for any occasion and its very versatile too!

Black dress

3.  Try a two-piece to show off some belly skin. It’s fierce, bold, sophisticated, and sexy all at the same time.

what to wear for my man 3

4.  Pretty in satin lingerie with a corset helps the relationship intimacy.

what to wear for my man 4

5.  Give your legs some elevation with red knee-high boots in faux suede.

red boots


6.  Lastly, save the night with a net long sleeved spandex shirt. This look is pretty popular so perfect for Valentine’s Day and a special surprise for him.

mesh lingerie


Never complain again when you have these sexy trends to pull off the night with him. We may have a million things in our closet and still say we have nothing to wear. It is all a myth, you can shop Amiclubwear to fit your shopping needs and satisfy your ego. We did all the thinking for you so these trends are easy to copy even without breaking bank. Also, don’t forget to use the popular colors for this holiday such as red, white, and pink. Try to get in the holiday spirit and sprinkle sexy back into your life.


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