Fashion Police Returns to E! with New Host Kathy Griffin


Monday night marked the highly anticipated return of the hit show, Fashion Police, on E!  The series had been on hiatus since the unexpected death of prior host and legend, Joan Rivers.  With the Golden Globes behind us, audiences anxiously awaited comedienne, Kathy Griffin’s, debut as new host.   So how did she fare?  Did she fill the shoes of our sharp and quick witted Joan?  In our opinion, not so much.  Fashion Police lacked it’s heartbeat; sadly, the fire and energy Joan brought to the set was notably missing.

Griffin opened last night’s show with a brief thank you to Joan and paid tribute with a little humor. “Before I start making more enemies and burning new bridges, I want to thank my good friend. Joan, I know you are watching from heaven, but I am not afraid to bring the hammer down on anyone.”  Guiliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and newcomer Brad Goreski joined her on set to begin dissecting the evening’s looks.  

If she wants to keep her job, she will need to step her game up and let the fierce fashion claws out.  What we loved most about Joan was her no-holds-barred commentary on the fashion do’s and donts.  Griffin was lacking in the area and remained somewhat in the background of the show.  While she’s been enlisted as host, it seems as though the rest of the cast took the charge.  In fact, most of the funny highlights came from the fellow panelists, not Griffin.   We’re curious to see what path the show goes down.  We’ll give this week’s episode a break.  Perhaps Kathy needs another week or two to settle in, relax, and let them have it!

What did you think about her debut as host?


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