leggings galore

Its winter time and one of the most wanted and used item in a girl’s closet has got to be her leggings! They’re warm, comfortable, go well with high heels and fit you better than your best pair of jeans. The only problem is being seen wearing the same leggings for a week straight! I know a lot of us are guilty of this huge fashion don’t. I understand, we can’t help but to turn to these on a cold morning before work or school! Which Is why a girl should always have more than one different style of leggings in her closet. This way you won’t be seen wearing the same bottoms and you’ll still have the pleasure of wearing those warm and comfy leggings that you adore so much TIP FOR ALL LEGGINGS: Leggings are best worn with longer shirts! Some can be worn with shorter tops and jackets but for the most part they look better when styled with an over sized sweater, longer blouses or cardigans!

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