Lets Talk Sequin!

Sequin dresses are always fun to wear around the holidays! They’re especially popular during Christmas and New Years Eve because of the sparkle and glamorous touch that sequin adds to an outfit! There are many different tricks and tips on wearing sequin dresses since they can be a little dramatic! If you’re going with a sexy dress that’s covered in sequin then I suggest you wear it with light jewelry and simple heels. The dress is already very dramatic so if you add on too many dramatic items then you will just look like a walking Christmas tree! If you’re wearing a dress with only a little bit of sequin on one part of the dress then you can go a little more dramatic on the jewelry. Just make sure not to wear statement jewelry too close to the area with the sequin detailing. For example: if the breast area is covered in sequin then I suggest going with a simple and small necklace otherwise there will be too much going on around your top half the outfit. Another tip to remember is that if you’re wearing a one shoulder dress with sequin on the top half then I suggest you don’t wear a necklace at all! It will just clash with the one shoulder look the dress is giving. Wearing a dress with very little sequin on one part of the dress or scattered around can go well with some glittery, rhinestone or sequin heels! There is nothing wrong with being sparkly and standing out you just need to make sure you’re not going overboard with the glitz and glam! And remember to accessorize your sequin dresses with colors that match! For example: don’t wear a black dress with gold sequin and add some silver pumps or jewelry! Match your gold’s and silvers correctly or else you might have a wardrobe malfunction.

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