Highlights of the 2013 American Music Awards!

2013 AMA’s was great from the performances to the tributes, the artists did an amazing job at hosting and putting on a show! First, Katy Perry opened up the show performing her new single “Unconditionally”. She put on a old Japanese themed performance with dancing geishas and a beautiful backdrop. Of course the singer was amazing with her vocals and dance movements. This creative performance was a great way to start of the 2013 VMA’S!

Continuing on with the show, Taylor Swift won Artist of the year for the 3rd year in a row! This iconic Country Music/Pop Princess has done an amazing job at turning her break ups into popular singles that have hit #1 on the charts. Everyone can agree that Taylor Swift won this award fair and square. Another talented artist that walked away with not only one but THREE awards at the AMA’s was Justin Timberlake! This artist has been around since NSYNC and has continued to share his love for soul R&B & Pop Music with the rest of his fans. His “20/20 Experience” has been one of his biggest accomplishments and has become one of 2013’s best albums. He gladly thanked his fans and the rest of his team for helping him achieve this goal. Host Pitbull and Kesha performed their new song “Timber” on stage with several girl dancers. They did an amazing job on putting on a great show and Kesha’s vocals were on point!

One direction went on to perform their single “Story of my life and had girls screaming from every corner of the stadium! They then received their first AMA awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Album & Favorite Pop/Rock Group! This year was the first time they were ever nominated for an award and this handsome group of boys walked away with two! Other performers came on as well like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus. One of the most memorable performances was from Jennifer Lopez who did a tribute to the iconic and salsa legend, Celia Cruz. Jennifer started off in a gorgeous black gown then went on by stripping that off into a smaller ensemble then stripped that ensemble for a smaller piece! Cruz was known to be one of the most influential female figures of Cuban Music! And there is no one better than Ms. Jennifer Lopez to pay tribute to this amazing artist. Jennifer was surrounded by amazing salsa dancers while performing and did an incredible job at paying tribute to the Salsa Legend!

The show went on to several other nominees and award winners. This year the American Music Awards gave their very first Iconic Award to Rihanna! Jay-z made a video to her congratulating her on her big win and accomplishments in her music career. Her mom then presented her with her award and gave a mini speech about how proud she was of her daughter for making her troubled past into such an amazing future. The Iconic Pop Star continued to give her speech on how amazed, nervous and happy she was to receive such a great award. She thanked her mother, family, friends, team, and company but most importantly she thanked her fans for always supporting her. She has been around since she was 18 and has continued to express her crazy and soulful personality through her music.

Lady Gaga then put on an amazing show with her special guest, R. Kelly. They performed her new single “Do What You Want” on a president’s office backdrop. It was a president and Marilyn Monroe type of theme. They hands-down did the greatest performance throughout the night! Lady Gaga’s acting and vocals killed the stage. And R.Kelly also did a great job at playing a president who “had no idea who she was”

One of the final performances of the night was TLC ft Lil Mama in substitute for Left Eye. They performed Waterfalls and had the same original dance as before. I believe that the performance was great and that chili and Tboz did a great job at returning with their classis song “Waterfalls”. However, Lil Mama sucked at her Left Eye solo. She was good in the TLC’S new movie but this performance was not her greatest.

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