Fashion Alerts from “Clueless”

Yes, the 90’s are back with their girly and sassy fashion trends! And who better to channel off of than the girls from “Clueless”? They brought fashion to a whole other level with their plaid skirts and velvet dresses. It’s all about the knee high socks and cute little shoes to match! And we can’t forget about the statement hats that Dion wore throughout the movie! These girls gave us a whole new look on 90’s fashion and now it’s back to set our trends right! So let’s go back in time and channel these cuties in their most memorable outfits!

Cher was the main cutie with the most adorable taste! She always dressed to impress and had a preppy yet sexy look to her. Channel her in our $26.99 dress, this dress gives off a curvy illusion because of the black sides! It gives off a sexy yet chic touch to the look. Our $34.99 Red Single Sole Heels are the best addition to this outfit! Single sole heels were most popular in the 90’s and have returned with a more updated touch. Then there’s the floppy hat that we used to replace Cher’s furry hat! Floppy hats give a classy look to any dress or outfit. And finally, there is the gold purse that finishes off the look! This bag is retro, cute and goes great with red! This is a great look for a night out with the girls or a date night with your hubby.

The classic duo! These girls are the trendiest best friends known to ever come onto tv. Channel these girls in our $24.99 Plaid Sweater Dresses and $34.99 Thigh High Nikky Boots! Dion (Left) is rocking a cute plaid blazer and skirt but we replaced this with our black and white Sweater dress! Sweater dresses are always cute and trendy in the fall and are even cuter with thigh high boots! We used red to give it a little pop to the black and white ensemble. We replaced Cher’s (right) blazer and skirt with our yellow sweater dress and paired it with our White Thigh High Nikky Boots to replace her white thigh high socks! This look is perfect for a day look!

Channel Dion our 2 piece burgundy outfit! Dion is rocking her preppy look but we decided to give it a little bit of a sexier touch to it by using mesh material and showing the tummy! Velvet was the most popular in the 90’s and its back with a sexier twist to it.

These cute items are so 90’s!! They scream “Rock n Roll” and “girly girl”. Plaid, prints and velvet and high waisted clothing were the top most popular items a girl could wear back then. Now, the fashion gods have brought it back but have added their own touches and looks to them!

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