Black Leather, the Ultimate Pants for Fall 2012

Leather is once again making its appearance for the colder weather, and high-end designers are simply loving this opportunity to experiment with leather once more. And why not? The sight of leather brings out our primal instincts and our fierce side emerges when we slip on the ‘skins’ that humans have been wearing since we first walked this earth. Of course PETA, the animal rights group that has been denouncing the use of leather and fur in fashion will be up in arms once again. But fashionistas and fashion designers have been digging their heels in to continue to use leather and fur, particularly leather, in designs. If you take a look at celebrities in their black leather pants, you’d probably understand why the fashion clique is standing their ground against PETA (which is also a group that will picket a fashion show for love of animal rights). For me, black is the only color for leather pants. It is sleek, stylish and chic, giving you a strong look that is minimal yet fierce. Plus, don’t you think that red leather pants are…cheesy? So, check out these glam celebrities and learn how they put together a versatile black leather pants look.

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