Can Bikinis Get Any Naughtier?

The bikini babes are out, and beachfront guys can’t help but ogle the tantalizing bikini-clad-hotties strutting their stuff on the beach. Who can blame them? It’s in their DNA to appreciate the beauty of any female form. This summer promises to give them eye candy in the form of teenie-weenie-bikinis that seem to be getting tinier and tinier. So, can bikinis get any naughtier? The answer it seems is: yes.

You may ask “How does it get naughtier when some bikinis are at their tiniest?” We’re not talking about how much less fabric there should be to make the most iconic of swimwear even naughtier. We’re talking about the power of suggestion, and how much more suggestive it can get with just a few naughty tweaks.

Baby girl lingerie has long been a stereotypical male fantasy in the bedroom. There’s something about the frills, lace, sheerness, and really short lingerie that caters to the basic male tendency to protect “tender” ladies with their “manly” presence. Swimsuit designers are now cheekily taking the erotic adult apparel out of the bedroom and into the beach. So, don’t be surprised if you see women in baby-girl-lingerie-inspired swimsuits wading in beach waters.

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