Fashion Styles Your Man Secretly Loves on You!

Men wouldn’t dare advice you on fashion in the same way that they would try to evade that explosive question: Am I fat? If you ask how he finds that tailored dress with the side cut-outs your gay male friend judged “So avant-garde, mon cheri. You’ll be making such a fashion forward statement” he definitely won’t say what’s on his mind, which would probably be “You look like a fem-bot from a faraway planet.” Most men quickly pick up that those tricky questions are to be avoided at all cost. But if he were to pick out the outfits he’d want to see on you more often, especially in summer, it would have to be the following easy breezy attires below.

Short, summer dresses are a sweet and laid-back way to announce that you’re ready to meet summer head-on. And now that summer has finally made its presence felt, there is no shortage of summer dresses to fit your mood. The sun usually sparks a playful and relaxed vibe, and what better way to reflect how ready you are to bask in sunlit days than short summer dresses. Twenty-something Justin reveals with a smile “When I pick her up for a day at the beach, and she steps out in that dress and sandals with newly shampooed hair. My eyes, AND my nose take her all in, and I kinda swoon.”

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