Top 10 Celebrity Party Dress Looks!

There’s something about spring and summer that puts every young thing in the mood to party. You can blame it on the sun, drenching the earth in yellow rays, making every color pop, transforming every kind of landscape. Or you can blame it on the warm breeze and sultry nights, waking the blood, making hearts beat faster, leading feet to tap readily to any kind of rhythm. It’s warm weather season and the party people are out and about, eager for their dose of fun and laughter.

And there’s no other place where party time is celebrated to the hilt than Hollywood. The successful young stars come dressed to the nines in designer fashion, posing for the cameras that will transmit those images on pages of magazines to waiting eyes that scan every page for fashion inspiration. Big name fashion designers know the power of a single snapshot and they vie with each other to clothe the celebrity du jour in their fashion wares to assure brand recognition.

In a place where party time never ends, spring and summer brings out more colorful, softer and playful silhouettes, and celebrities seem ready for a change of wardrobe.

In our opinion, the following celebrities can dress up for a party like no other. Or they may have pretty good stylists worth their weight in gold. So we’ve come up with our top 10 party looks for our Hollywood top 10 party ladies!

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