AMICLUBWEAR  is a women’s apparel brand known for its Insta-baddie worthy clothing. Marketed towards the young female demographic, their Kim K-inspired designs are prevalent throughout their collection of dresses, intimates, swimsuits, and even costumes.

Amassing a 646K following on Instagram, AMI Clubwear is also featured in several fashion-clad magazines including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, and Elle

The brand keeps its prices low so that all customers can enjoy their celebrity-inspired looks without ever breaking the bank.” As Honest Brand Review puts it. 

Your one stop shop source for first quality fashion at unexpected prices: “Amiclubwear has some great items for every day, date night or a night out with my friends! I decided to pick out some really cute army combat boots. I absolutely love these. In fact, I have been wearing them with everything! They are super comfortable and only $22.99.” 


To read the full review,  (Click here)  to check it out at Honest Brand Reviews.

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