15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s officially Halloween season! Cooler mornings and shorter daylight hours are amongst us, but the hustle and bustle of everyday life still presides. Need a quick costume idea? Whether you’re looking to do a couple-themed Halloween or you’re dressing up solo, we have tons of costumes to suit your needs! We whipped up 15 of the quickest, sexiest costume ideas if you’re short on time. Check them out below! Psstt…they’re also under $40.


Sexy Skeleton! Grab these simple stocking and gloves set -some dark lipstick and wahlaa!

Playboy Bunny! It doesn’t get any sexier than this. Black body suit, and black thigh highs will do the job!

Mermaid! Who doesn’t want to channel their inner little mermaid? Too cute!

Jessica Rabbit! Spice it up and show off your curves with this classic costume.

Every prince needs his Jasmine. This sexy costume is sure to turn heads.

Pull out your mesh stockings and black heels. Miss Minnie Mouse is a classic go-to costume.

This is a costume that can be used long after Halloween is over! This sexy Selena costume is perfect for a night out.

Freeze! You have the right to remain sexy. Show ’em who’s boss in this sexy police costume.

Heaven on earth, baby. A classic costume this year and forever? An angel!

Jump in honey, we’re going racing. Another cute, simple costume is a race car driver!

Literally serving! Dust off the haters in this sexy maid costume.

Do you wanna be naughty or nice? If naughty, this one’s for you! A classic devil costume.

Always be yourself…unless you can be a unicorn!

Have the last laugh in this super sexy jester jumpsuit.

Feeling blue? Nothing a hot nurse can’t fix!


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