Summer Vacation Packing Guide

Vacation season is upon us! With temperatures in the triple digits in Southern California, a body of water is definitely (hopefully) in your near future. Whether you’re planning a stay-cation, or packing your bags and heading somewhere a little more lust worthy, what you bring on your adventure is crucial. Since it’s hot, less is more in the clothes department, but you want to keep a balance with the essentials; cute bathing suit, chic sandals, and something to throw on in between dips in the pool. Take a look at what has us inspired, and our take on MUST-HAVES!



A cute bathing suit is crucial to staying cool, but looking hot! A bikini for those seeking barely-there tan lines, and monokinis to offer a little more coverage.


Add in floral print and you can’t go wrong!


Cute and comfy are the name of the game when it comes to summer dressing!

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