This is Halloween: AMI Clubwear’s Most Creative Costumes

If you love Halloween, you want to stand out with the best costume in the crowd. Not only do you want to look great, you want to think of the most creative costume man kind has ever seen! Not to worry, AMI does the thinking for you as our inventory is filled with the most inventive costume collection of 2017.


It’s no secret that AMI Clubwear has the best Halloween costumes in fashion. You’re probably thinking how can we possibly get any better? Well…we also have the largest quantity of unique costumes in costume wear!

Here are some of our favorite head turning costumes:

Frankenstein’s wife never looked so good in a deep green bodysuit too-too style with a black veil and cool accessories. Yes, the Harley Quinn costume has become one of the most famous costumes for the past few Halloweens, but…have you ever seen a Harley Quinn look this rad?

And “as if” Cher has ever looked this good! Check out our “Clueless” costume.

This Native American Grey suede costume is hot hot hot! How about our 1990’s Power Ranger? Or our Evil Siren Queen? Yes, we have it all.

Check out all of our costumes now on Until next time dolls…



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