The Hills: Where Are They Now?!

From learning who they were, where they wanted to be in life, who were their real friends, failed relationships and parties in the hills they have all managed to make a great name and life for theirselves. Below are few of the hills main stars and where they are today.






Lauren Conrad also known as L.C is married to law school graduate William Tell and is now expecting their first child together who we recently found out will be precious baby boy.



The infamous Spedi (Spencer and Heidi) as you know the couple that did not get along with most but theirselves (if that) and also expecting their first child together after being married for more than 7 years.



Lets be honest did we ever really think Kristin Cavallari will ever settle down?! Well to most of our surprise she ended up marrying Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and is now the mother of 2 boys and an adorable baby girl.


Oh Audrina were just glad you have finally moved on from Just Bobby and found the love you deserve! Now married to BMX rider Corey Bohan with their adorable baby girl Kirra.


Mr. Brody Jenner after watching you switch girlfriends like your clothes we were shockingly surprised and more so happy for you for finally decided which woman is was best for you! Now married to model Kaitlynn Carter were just waiting on the beautiful children we know you two will make.

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