Paris Hilton Did it First- Trends That Are Still So Hot!

Paris Hilton ruled the Millennial age. She was the first socialite to become famous for being famous and opened the door to the now well-known world of reality television. Not only did she make selfies cool, she was the “it girl” when it came to fashion trends. Now… That’s Hot.

Well, it seems as if Paris is not done with the fashion world just yet. Not only did Kendall Jenner celebrate her 21st birthday in a replica of Paris’ silver sequin dress for her own 21st years prior, her style lives on at AMI Clubwear as well!

Paris at her 21st birthday celebration in 2002.

Find this dress on…in 2017.

Bright Green 2-piece set.

Find this look on under CLOTHING>OUTFITS-2-PIECE DRESSES

Net stockings was Paris’ favorite fashion statement in the 2000’s.

Browse our fishnets on

Tiara’s and pink, are two of Paris’ go-to when it came to style.

Find all of these products and more on your go-to fashion website! And remember to live loud and express your style like our girl Paris Hilton.

Until next time dolls…

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