Love Always Wins!

As many know On May 22nd, 2017 there was an awful terror attack at the Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande Performed in front of thousands of fans. Unfortunately it left 22 dead and over 100 people injured due to the suicide bomb. Ariana Grande has since then sent her condolences to the victims and their victims families and has also payed for all funeral and medical cost.

Since this horrific experience Ariana Grande has shown such courage and empathy. She recently posted a few images on her Instagram of her visiting the victims in the hospital that were hurt do to the bombing. On June 4th Ariana Grande returned to Manchester where she held a benefits concert that raised $13 million dollars to the  “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund” Over 50.000 Fans showed up and she sang along with many of her celebrity friends all sending there condolences to everyone affected.

Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus locked hands as they both sang along to “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Rapper Mac Miller (Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend) Showed his support as they both performed on stage together.

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