Kylie Jenner’s New Body!

It’s no secret that 19 year old Kylie Jenner has had her lips done in the past. However lately we can’t help but notice the enhancements to her body over the last couple of months. Most say she is following into the footsteps of her two older sisters Kim and Khole Kardashian but the huge controversy is that she is still a teenager and her body hasn’t even developed yet. 

Others say she isn’t a normal 19 year old teenager she has grew up in the media since she was about 8 and sometimes that life calls for a little enhancements here and there. Kylie may be young but she is definitely doing great for her age! She is a home owner, has a very successful make up line and a clothing line with her sister Kendall Jenner. So hey whatever she chooses to do with her money is is her business. 

Kylie did a calendar shoot for her website and most of the pictures shows off her new and improved body. 

This was the image that sparked the breast implant rumors, she has yet to confirm or deny it but it’s pretty obvious she definitely had some work done.  

Kylie spotted out on vacation with her boyfriend Tyga, and once again it looks like her cup size changed in a matter of weeks.

Kylie shared a video of herself on her snapchat yesterday and everyone couldn’t help but notice her enhanced butt in the mirror behind her. 

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