High End Designer or Not?!

Thigh High Heels and Bomber jackets have become one of the top Celebrity go to looks. Of course these celebrities spend a great amount of money on high end designer clothing but why pay more when you can pay less for the same look?!



Kylie is strutting her stuff in a pair of very elegant thigh high heels, we have this same style on Amiclubwear.com!




Outfit details, search the style numbers in the search bar on AMIClubwear.com

JACKET- kk89c-3003

SHIRT- kk89c-2333

PANTS- kk89c-4001


Cute and Causal distressed sweater paired with knee high boots.




Wear your favorite over sized shirt with a thick waist belt and of course amiclubwear thigh high heels!


BELT- kk89a-3093

SHOES- mini-82


The fashionista Kim Kardashian wears a very tight little black dress paired with her peep toe thigh high heels.

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