The Top Go-To Style Accounts on Instagram

As women we spend more time on Instagram than we do with our boyfriends. Despite what he may think, we are not checking out hot guys…we are actually glued to style pages!

If the social media era has done one thing right, that would be bringing women together. It’s a joy to see girls commenting “slay” and “beautiful” on each other’s photos. It also helps to just tap the Instagram app in order to put an outfit together and even know where to buy it from!

Because we cannot get enough of style and beauty, here are some of our favorite style pages!

Today's Outfit. ? #ootd Duster: @prettymiracle27 Top: @hotmiamistyles Jeans: @amiclubwear Heels: @amiclubwear Bag: @glitzypurse

A photo posted by Maria Palafox | Official IG (@mpalafox15) on

Maria Palafox always looks great with her well-thought out backgrounds, versatile outfits and perfect hair and makeup to bring it all together.

Heels from @amiclubwear @amiclubwear ❤️ Shop at #amiclubwear

A photo posted by Anna Banana (@heyitsannabanana) on

Anna Banana’s page never has a dull moment! She can style any look and make you want to hurry online and make it yours. The mommy of two sure knows how to help a gal out with her closet.

Coat from @inthestyleuk ?

A photo posted by Seline (@selinesel) on

I personally cannot get enough of color themed accounts! It’s my absolute favorite to browse through style pages that match their ootd’s with other color coordinated beauty posts or different objects. Seline knows how to do this well!

New obsession: mesh and lace ✔️ Perfect match with any winter fur coat ? Bodysuit from @shopatrehab @shopatrehab #rehabclothing

A photo posted by ? Christina Eom (Kyuri) 규리 (@christinaeom) on

Finally one of the most stunning style themes…hair color. Love how Christina Eom sets up her posts to look so well with her colorful hair.

So ladies, those are our favorite style pages, be sure to follow the #1 Instagram page for all things beauty…@amiclubwear. Until next time dolls…

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