2016: The Worst Year Ever

I hear it everywhere I go, “I’m so happy we are almost done with 2016.” Somehow shortcomings and bad juju was a unified sentiment for everyone this year. Funny thing is, the zodiac predicted that 2016 would be a year of “intense efforts but shining success.”

This year Europe suffered numerous terrorist attacks, police shootings in the U.S, reality star/business man Donald Trump became president and we will forever mourn the loss of Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Juan Gabriel and Carrie Fisher.

Not to mention, Mercury Retrograde (more zodiac mumbo jumbo) seemed to have left some deep scars for many people. Pretty much everyone I talk to says that this has been the worst year ever. Me personally, let’s just say it was a rocky ride.

This may sound crazy but let’s find the good in the bad. Let’s take the sadness of everyone we lost, the headaches of every bill that wasn’t paid and the phone calls we never received and just…embrace it. How strong are you today from all of the lessons you learned? How ready are you now to face whatever it is this year might bring? How much more do you love and cherish those who are still part of your life?

Wear that smile bright, get ready to rock 2017 and visit amiclubwear.com to make sure you welcome this new year in style!

Until next time dolls…

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