AMI’s Holiday Revenge Look

It’s Christmas time and although you are looking forward to that special time with family and friends, you can’t stop thinking about your broken heart. The plans you made? The perfect gift you had in mind? Hey girl…It’s time to shake it off with a holiday revenge look!

We all do it. It’s almost in our feminine nature to change our look after a break up. He decided to walk away right before the holidays? (clever man) No worries because he will regret it after he takes a peek at your Instagram Christmas posts!

Check out some of our favorite AMI revenge looks below!




Let’s not forget about hair and make up! Express your new found freedom with these trending styles that will make him regret the day he left ya!





Walk with your head held high this holiday season because you don’t need ’em! Tell them AMI said you are beautiful, bold and amazing!

Check out our Instagram page @amiclubwear for more style ideas and for today’s trendiest looks. Until next time dolls…

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