4 Exercises: BOSU Ball


Fitness is at the peak of it’s (grueling) game as we as a society have popularized being fit and in shape, while simultaneously curating beautiful pictures on Instagram showing off said routines with the hashtag #fit___(insert name). Being healthy and releasing yourself from toxins are two of the greatest perks of working out. But, how many of us have gym memberships and stay in a vigorous routine, throwing in a spin class or yoga here and there, but never fully utilizing all that the gym has to offer? Seeing lots of people on intricate machines can be intimidating we know, but ultimately, the best workouts are the ones that we mix up and challenge our bodies to work different areas. One of the items to personally stun me, which inevitably forgoes it’s use, is the BOSU ball. BOSU, which stands for, “both sides utilized,” is designed to do just that. Below are a few introductory exercises that will have you strolling into the gym, and trying this piece of equipment with confidence!


MOUNTAIN CLIMBERSmountain-climber-illo_300 BURPEESburpee-jump-illo_300 PUSH-UPpush-up-illo_300

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