HOT TREND: Mermaid Crowns


Now that summer is slowly coming to an end so are all the fun music festivals as well. We’re officially saying #girlbye to flower crowns and jumping on this huge Mermaid Crown trend! Wait, what? Mermaid Crowns? Yes you read that correctly. Mermaid crowns are trending off the walls right now. Ladies I repeat, Flower Crowns are officially dead. I mean really, it makes a lot of sense. Mermaids are trending mega right now, it’s about time someone came up with this brilliant idea. Who doesn’t want to walk around wearing an enormous crown made of seashells?









Just check out Instagram, I mean honestly I had no idea this even existed about a minute ago. My life has literally change,  I am literally  kicking myself because I could have came up with this idea! Whatever, if you want to make your own, just go to your local craft store and go ham girl.

Don’t forget to hastag us on Instagram and facebook #AMICLUBWEAR so we can see all your beautiful under the sea creations.




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