Stay hydrated while looking sexy

water6   Drinking water never looked so sexy. Have you noticed the trend with cute water canteens lately? water1 Well they’ve become such a huge trend this summer, not only are you staying hydrated but you’re looking cute at the same time. Check out Julianne Hough, we’re all pretty positive she gained some major motivation just from her cute water canteen. Drinking water does wonders, plus it’s really healthy. Trying swapping out your sweet drinks for some ice cold refreshing water. We all know the wonders it does for your body, such as clearing your skin. H2o is the key to living happy, healthy life. Check out this summer’s must have water canteens. water2 Bobble Insulate 15oz, $25   water3 Alex Twist waterbottle, $33 water4 Rose Gold Dropbottle, $31 water5 S’well, $45

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