KANYE KIM & TAYLOR Twitter Drama


Are you guys refreshing your Snapchat and Twitter feeds every 2 seconds? The drama between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift is keeping everyone on the edge. What started off as a dagger almost 7 years ago has managed to drag on. Kanye West has literally gotten himself into a bit of trouble.
This time Kanye and Kim may be losing more than just loyal fan/followers, over Social Media drama. They may have a real legal case on their hands and cough up a lump sum of cash into Taylors’ hands.


A Legal expert Troy Slaten who is not actually involved in the ordeal explains how Kim and Kanye could actually be in real trouble for recording and leaking a video of Taylor Swift without her acknowledgement of being recorded. To our surprise this is a huge violation of California’s eavesdropping statute. Who would have thought something so petty could land you with criminal charges. Next time I would think twice about getting involved in drama.



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