Now Trending: What to Wear While Playing Pokemon GO


If you haven’t been to your app store lately, chances are you’ve seen countless memes and trending hashtags about Pokemon Go. But, what is it exactly? The free app released last week for iOS and Android users, is basically every teenage gamers dream; virtual reality infused Pokemon. Reminiscent of the 90’s Nintendo Game Boy version, the new and improved augmented reality game is the most downloaded app, set to surpass Twitter and Tinder (gasp!). Working in tandem with your phone’s GPS, the game uses your location to help you in your quest to find and catch Pokemon. Thus, Pokemon can show up in your apartment, office, and even get you out of your house walking to certain landscapes. So, now that you’re out walking around looking for said Pokemon, what to wear? We’ve thrown together some casual cool looks to make your quest while playing the game more, running-errands-grabbing-coffee, than frantic I’ve-gotta-catch-Pokemon distress. Check them out!

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