Gotta catch ’em all!


Everyone has Pokemon fever, let me give you the inside scoop. As of last week Pokemon has made a bit of a comeback after laying low for many years. You may have heard crazy stories of people hunting Pokemon while at work, at the local park, or even your grocery store. One teenage girl found a dead body while hunting for a Pokemon. Even robbers have taken to the popular game to prey on their next victims.

So you may be wondering why now? Well the infamous Nintendo-owned franchise has taken America by storm again. With the new Pokemon Go! App which can be downloaded for free through Android and iOS. The game uses your phones GPS location and time and make pokemon virtually “appear” around you through your phone so you can then catch. The more you move around and venture out, the more pokemon appear depending on your GPS location and time. Overall the general ideal is for you to travel and catch real pokemon in the game.
A real dream come true for all Pokemon fans.


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