WAGS Lip Tutorial


Ever wonder how girls keep their beautiful red lips in place all day?
Let’s face it, whenever I wear red lipstick, it somehow ends up all over my face.
It’s the main reason why I have officially put my red lipsticks away, I’m tired of looking like a clown.



Alas, the ultra sexy girls  Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson from the E! reality show WAGS were generous enough to share their super easy tips and tricks on how to keep their juicy lips looking sexy from day to night.

No worries, these tips are really simple and extremely fast so you can do them at home.
With the right tools, you’ll be looking like a make-up pro in no time.


The first thing is to make sure your lips are hydrated, no one like cracked lips.


The girls, love using Blistex Orange Mango Blast. Not only does it smell good but it tastes good also.



Now after hydrating your lips, the girls suggest applying a lip liner a shade or two darker than the actual lipstick color. This will help enhance the color intensity of the lipstick all while keeping everything within the lines. Think of your lips as a coloring book, you want to keep everything within the lines. Try out NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Auburn.



Next the girls apply the first layer of their favorite red lipstick MAC Ruby Woo. After applying the first layer the girls recommend blotting lightly. Then adding a second and final layer to help enhance color evenly.


There you go, the perfect red lip!




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