Trendsetting skills done right by Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner is not only the world biggest super model, she’s also a huge trendsetter. The girl is not afraid to play around with fashion. From the runways or dressed down she always manages to look beautiful from head to toe. We just adore the super models outfit of the day look. Jenner paraded around town in a sexy laced bralette top over a basic white t-shirt, its casual chic and extremely sexy. Talk about making a fashion statement, you Go Kendall!

Looking sexy without showing too much can often be a challenge, but with a few pro tips, you can accomplish the same look for less!

jenner 2

Laced tops from

jenner 3

jenner 4

Jeans & Skirt from

jenner 6

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Just like Kendall, you can pair your simple tee + sexy bralette with some distressed jeans or you have the option of taking it to another level by dressing it up. We would suggest a maxi skirt for drinks with the girls. But if you want to turn things up another notch, try going for something short like a mini skirt. The more skin the better. Either way, whatever look you opt for, we’re sure you’ll have heads turning. Just remember confidence is key to any successful outfit.

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