Will Kendall and Kylie’s Rebels Sequel be another flop?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest sisters of the Kardashian dynasty, are  getting a second chance when it comes to writing. Their book Rebels: City of Indra: The story of Lex and Livia was a complete and utter flop, but thanks to their devoted die hard fans they are getting a second chance  to redeem themselves with a sequel in November! Uh oh, let’s hope the ladies put some actual effort into this one. Not that I’m hating, the beautiful girls are both equally talented in their own ways. Time of the Twin is set to take place where the Rebels left off. It seems like Lex and Livia were separated at birth, as they being their search for their mother while working towards becoming saviors of their divided city.

Between the sisters’ swimwear collection, debut collection, and PacSun Collab seems like they’ve been making use of their time as of lately. Not to mention Kendall is the hottest model ever and Kylie is taking over the make-up industry with her Kylie Cosmetics Lip kits that are a huge sensation in the make-up community. Writing may not be their forte, but that isn’t stopping these girls.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner here at the launch back in June 2014


PacSun Collab soon to launch!


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits


Kylie and Kendall at the Met Gala 2016

kendall and kylie glam pic

Swimwear Collection sneak peek


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