Accessories for the Perfect Summer Vacation


All in favor of 90 degree weather and a margarita say, “Aye.”


Although it’s not quite summer, I can’t help but feel the itch that comes with May, and Memorial Day Weekend (the 3-day weekend and casual marker of good times). Sitting desk-side, it’s time to start daydreaming of those far off vacations where computers and emails are the furthest things from our brains. With any good sabbatical, fashion is still a major part of the process. Whether you’re feeling low-maintenance, or ready for an elaborate dinner, there’s an effortless cool that can be infused into either. And the best way to update any look? Accessories! Check out some of our top picks to style your best summer vacation yet.


A straw floppy hat is made for lounging by the beach. The material allows you to stay hidden from the sun all whilst allowing your head and hair to feel the breeze.accessories-sunglasses-cccc3-3760black accessories-sunglasses-cccc3-4045whitegold

Chic sunglasses are a must to complete any look. Try the black and white circular glasses, for a retro vibe. Or, these white metallic aviators!


When two trends become one: lace up gladiator sandals can do no wrong. swimsuit-twopiece-kk89s-2020royalbluemint swimsuit-onepiece-kk89s-1232whiteredorange_1a swimsuit-onepiece-kk88-att25orange

Any time off spent next to a body of water needs a killer bathing suit. Try something unique with this orange strappy monokini. If you’re feeling more classic, this orange two-tone scallop monokini will do the trick. Or opt for a bandeau two-piece!

accessories-necklace-kk89a-xl417bluesilverStatement jewelry can make even the most mundane outfit go from 1 to 10 in an instant. This silver beaded coin chain necklace adds the perfect bohemian flair.



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