Top 5 DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time for being thankful, for enjoying time with family and… searching to find a cool, cost-effective way to decorate your house. Those prices for light-up reindeer for your front yard will probably add a bit of stress to your relaxing holiday. So enjoy sipping your eggnog under cozy blankets by the fire, and read on to learn how to avoid those stressful prices here. We’ll show you how to create cost-effective and unique decorations that either your guests will love at your next holiday party, or you can enjoy and simply immerse yourself in the Christmas joy.


1. Red Paper Lanterns

red paper bas with lights
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You’ve heard of this trending decoration for Halloween decorations right? Now you can adapt it to use for Christmas. Just find some red paper bags (regular brown paper bags work, too) and cut some stars, a Christmas tree, or whatever you’d prefer. Then place a candle or lightsource inside. If you want, you can also cut a red paper bags in half and place a regular bag inside it to create a look similar to the photo above.


2. Christmas Cookie Ornaments

christmas cookie decor
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This one is a little different. I’m sure you’ve heard of Christmas cookie cutter beings used to cut out cookies, and then those become ornaments. Well this is a trending decoration style in which the cookie cutters themselves are used as ornaments! You can use them to decorate the wall in the kitchen under a cute Santa Claus sign, or scatter them around the tree! This way, the kids wont eat them before you have a chance to enjoy them on Christmas! That being said, I’d still hide an emergency stash of holidays cookies somewhere….


3. Gingerbread House with Background

Gingerbread house
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Remember those gingerbread house you made in church as a kid each December? A new way to give these tiny delicious houses an up-to-date look is to consider the backdrop. Maybe a vintage background with some old books underneath would look provide that aged look. You could also place it by the tree for a cozy style, and extra decoration to for your family and friends to enjoy while opening their presents.


4. Kissing Under Mistletoe Ball

pucker up
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This is a fun alternative to simple mistletoe. Wrap a spherical ornament(You can include mistletoe if you want. Or you can pretend) in decorative holiday paper and secure it with a rubber band. Hide the rubber band with a decorative bow, and hang the ornament from the ceiling. Make sure to invite your crush to your next holiday party! You’ll be sure to have a great time.


5. Stairway Stockings

stockins on banister
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Thinking of hanging your stockings by the fireplace this year? Think again. This cool new idea came from an Instagram blogger. This year, hang your stockings with the garland by the staircase. It will give your house a creative look that your guests will love. Besides, who would ever think to hang the stockings by the staircase? When the kids (or you) run downstairs eagerly to find the Christmas candy and treats even sooner!

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