Top 5 Hair Color Trends this Year

Changing your hair is a way to quickly transform your whole look. Trading your blonde locks up for short, black punk hair will change your whole style. You might even find yourself trading in those pointy pink pumps for spiked black booties.
Today, there seems to be one hair trend in particular that’s been going strong for the past year now: rainbow hair. We’re not just talking about red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple hair (although this is a pretty cool look). We’re talking about sunset, oil slick, chocolate chip cookie, etc. Sound like a foreign language to you? Well, we’re about to show your our top 5 rainbow hair trends this year.

1. Mermaid Hair

mermaid hair


We all fantasized about being mermaid as kids. Now the fantasy can be a reality… at least for your hair.  We are completely obsessed with this look. It’s a crazy, fun look but also has subdued tones with a pastel shade that’s totally trending right now. This is an especially good look if you have long hair. You can style your cool locks in a long fishtail braid and add some fun pearl clips for an even more under-the-ocean look.

2. Oil Slick

oil slick hair


We admit, the name had us a little grossed out at first. Oil? I definitely do not want a stylist to pour a bunch of oil on my head. However, names can be deceiving. More subtle than mermaid hair, this style will give your hair a slight pop-of-color. Oil slick hair looks best if you have a slight wave / curl to your hair so that the light will reflect the colors, and add a subtle shine to your locks. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to add some unique color to their hair, without going full-rainbow.

3. Sunset Hair

sunset hair


Okay, we’ll admit that we’re a little in love with this hair style. It’s difficult to have the courage to try a style like this but definitely worth it. Who wouldn’t want to capture the color of the sunset in their tresses? This look is ideal for someone who has previous experience in coloring their hair and is comfortable making their hair a strong statement piece. Purple tones transition into bright magentas to finally fade into orange tips. The style might be a bit much for someone coloring their hair for the first time, but if you want to take the plunge and style your hair like the sky we will fully support!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Hair

chocolate chip cookie hiar

This one is a little different. At first glance it may appear to just be a natural hair color, but it was actual craftied by hair stylist Ryan Pearl recently. The idea is to combine elements of both brunette and blonde hair in order to give dimension and character to bronde hair: much like a chocolate chip cookie. The look is very subtle, and a perfect look for anyone wanting to change up their hair a little.

5. Classic Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair


Okay, we just love this look so much we had to. This look has remained in style for years now and is sure to remain a classic. Here, we see Chloe Norgaard rocking the look with neon colors and toned-down makeup. We welcome anyone to try this look out for themselves. We love to see the results!

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