Top 5 Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

With fashions changing year round, it can be a little difficult to keep up with the trends. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After scanning the trends for Fall/Winter 2015, we’ve narrowed down the top 20 trends to the top 5 for your convenience. So whether your own style is more glitz-and-glam or cozy-and-cocooning you’re #1 style source is here to provide you with the latest, greatest trends!


1. Black and White Graphics

black and white
Photo from Vogue Paris

We’re not talking about your simply half-black, half-white traditional duo-chrome garments of last year. This year, designers like Valentino, Saint-Laurent, and Emilio Pucci were all about crazy multi-patterned styles, with a simple color scheme to provide unity. It a look that’s intriguing to the eye, yet subtle enough for an added pop-of-color.


2. The Reefer Jacket

reefer jacket
Photo from Vogue Paris

In the past year, we’ve been noticing an increase in androgynous styles that have a subtle femininity about them. Fall/Winter 2015 is no different. The best part is that these coats are sure to keep you warm, even in the coldest of winters!


3. Soft Camel

soft camel
Photo from Vogue Paris

If you’re like me, than you probably want to be stylish in warm, soft fabrics that you can cozy up in while drinking your #Starbucks lattes on the way to work. These soft camel fabrics are perfect for staying comfortable and relaxed in the cold. You can pair this look with some brown knee high boots and dark socks for an even more stylish look.


4. High Shine

high shine
Photo from Vogue Paris

Does Winter make you excited to start breaking out those dark, glamorous dresses again? If so, then you will love the new high shine trend. You can always pair these with your thigh-high stillettoes and black leather jacket for a more punk-rock style on your night out.


5. White Fur

Photo by Vogue Paris
Photo from Vogue Paris

There’s something ever-classic about a long, white fur coat. If you don’t want to wear real fur, faux fur is always a more animal-friendly alternative that will give you the same warmth and stylish look. Pair these coats with a dark stiletto boot for a look that’s super-sophisticated.

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