Tips for the Traveling Woman

travel2Summer vacation calls for fun-filled girls’ trips! The Travel Industry Association estimates nearly 32 million American women have traveled alone at least once in the last year. With an upswing in Independent Women venturing out on their own to take in what the world has to offer, they’ve sadly become even more prone to facing danger along the way. To help prevent you from ending up in a scary situation, our travel gurus at have compiled a list of travel safety tips for women.


Before You Go: Prepare, prepare, prepare before you step on the plane and head to your next destination. Planning can actually be just as fun as travelling! But remember, your safety is of most importance. Find out where the best neighborhoods are and which you should avoid. If Uber isn’t an option, research if there are only certain kinds of taxis you should take. Do you know if there is a medical center in the city you’re visiting? It’s also important to research some of the cultural norms and belief systems in the area, specifically those that pertain to women and girls.

Be sure to use TripAdvisor, Yelp, Hostelz or Oyster to your advantage when scouting out lodging. It’s beneficial to select accommodations that have been reviewed by A LOT of guests. You’ll get a better idea of what the place you’re interested in is really like.

Things to think about…
-Leave your itinerary with a close friend or relative back home
-Schedule a regular check-in time with someone
-Take pictures of your documents and put them in an online storage system
-Invest in an international phone plan
-Travel insurance is always beneficial
-Find the location of the US Dept. of State in the place you’re visiting
-Register with the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers


What to Bring: When gearing up for your next big trip, remember that the less you have to lug around, the better. Packing lightly makes going from here-to-there a lot easier and reduces your chances of being a target for thieves.

Again, do your research and find expert advice on travel, particularly by travelers in the know. In particular, try and find info about your destination from women travelers who have actually been there. Check out online travel sites that regularly feature seasoned travel writers and travel bloggers.

-Pack lightly
-Have hard copies of phone numbers with you at all times
-Don’t keep all your money in one place
-Store it in the bottom of a pad or tampon box
-Bring an external phone charger
-In some places, it helps to wear a fake wedding ring
-Slash-proof bag
-Safety mechanism: Mace, whistle, kat keychain
-Emergency contraception


Staying Safe: To be extra precautious, you should check in with the consulate once you arrive at your destination. If you’re traveling alone, choosing a busy hotel in a central part of town is a great option. You’ll blend in a little better and have the opportunity to meet other travelers passing through the locale. Try your best to only travel during the daytime in areas you’re unfamiliar with. Or schedule your trip so that you arrive in the morning.

Keep in mind that creeps and pickpockets sense a person’s insecurity. Be sure to exude a confident attitude and walk with clear intent. It’s one of of the best ways to stay safe and avoid hassle.

-Keep two hotel keys with you; one in your bag, one on your person
-Leave the Do Not Disturb sign on your door and the TV on when you leave your room
-Befriend female hostel/hotel employees
-Have the address of your hotel or hostel in writing to give to your taxi drivers
-Take a picture of your cab’s license plate and registration number that should be posted before you get in

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