How to get Mermaid Hair!

Colorful Mermaid hair isn’t just for crazy costumes anymore. They are a way to break outside of the box, and add a bit of freshness to your normal hairdo. If you’re not ready for something permanent there is always hair chalk!

So if you want to achieve that mermaid hair, here is a few tips and tricks for maintaining brightly colored hair 🙂

MYTH: You have to bleach your hair platinum blonde if you want any color at all.

FACT: Yes, you have to lighten your hair. With the proper use of 10 volume bleach, you can still put color on top of hair that isn’t fully platinum. I always recommend getting your hair professionally lightened. If you don’t want to splurge to get those perfect mermaid locks, you can always splurge on the lightening of it then just apply the color yourself. If you decide to lighten yourself, make sure that you do a test piece to see how long your hair lifts. Some people have hair that lightens in 10 minutes, and others have hair that takes 20-25 minutes. A general tip on this lightening process is to know that the lighter you go, the lighter/brighter your final color will be.

PURP3 Mermaid Hair
Mermaid Hair Style
Mermaid Hair Style

Now pick your color!!

Top 2015 Color Trends right now are Marsala, Silver, Coral, and a Pink hue.

Mermaid Hair Style
Mermaid Hair Style
Mermaid Hair Style
Mermaid Hair Style
Mermaid Hair Style

Now popular brands of dye include Manic Panic, Pravana, Joico, and Splat.

Make sure you evenly coat each strand with hair dye, and wait 30-40 minutes leaving it on. The more conditioned your hair is the btter the color will stay. I know it would seem like the opposite way around, but with these high vibrant colors you need some moisture.

Make sure you’re aware that these colors can take up to three times to really achieve the color you’d like. Go into it with a good mindset. Katy Perry didn’t get her perfect purple overnight. Be patient, and have fun!

Now go get that mermaid hair, and post a #selfie


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