Your Daily Must-Have’s

All women can get a little obsessed with fashion, beauty, trends etc. Especially with social media these days. Well, I’ve put together a list of beauty and fashion items that should become staples in every women’s life.

1) A Classic Shoe: Whether is is a pump or platform, brand yourself in your favorite style classic shoe. pump

2) A Beautiful Time Piece: Your cell phone should not be the only thing that you tell the time on. Watches are a fashion statement.forever

3) A Go-To Lip Color: Nude, Pink, Red, Mauve….Purple!

4) A Personal Scent: Marilyn Monroe is Chanel No.5, what’s yours?

5) A Forever Bag: Invest in a bag, keep is classic and chic. You will love it forever

6) Jewelry You Never Take Off

7) The Perfect Little Black Dress!

Now go out and establish those staples  ladies 😉


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