Oil Obsession

Hello weather change can also mean hello skin change. With the change from dry winter air into a more humid spring/summer air, it can get difficult for us to adjust our normal skincare regiment to meet our skins’ needs.

Well if you haven’t heard the buzz, oil is an answer worth experimenting with.

Carrier oils are a great way to rehydrate the skin, help brighten, or even help retexturize.

The trick with using oils on the skin is merely selecting the right oil for your skin type. Don’t be afraid to spend a week with one, then the next week with another until you fall in love with your perfect match.

First and foremost, how to use the oil on your face.

There are two options for application of the oil on your skin. One, mix several drops (2-5) into your moisturizer. Personally, I would start out with two drops then build up as needed. This is a great method for those drier skin types. Secondly, you can simply put several drops of the oil directly on the skin. This would be the preferred method for those who have oily/combo skin types. Again, just use the amount of drops that feels right to you. Always listen to your skinIf you instantly feel like 2 drops is too much, just dab some on the fingers and then directly on the skin.


As for which oils for which skin type, here are my suggestions.

Normal Skin: Hempseed, Coconut, Grapeseed, Sunflower, and Sweet Almond

Oily Skin: Grapeseed, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Apricot Oil, and Sunflower

Dry Skin: Avocado, Sweet Almond, Rosehips, and Olive

Sensitive Skin: Jojoba, Sesame Seed, Sweet Almond, and Apricot

Mature Skin: Jojoba, Sesame Seed, Rosehips, Almond, and Apricot

Some of the oils overlap within the categories, that way you can narrow down the specific oil for your skin type even further. example: if your skin is oily/sensitive than you can choose jojoba oil!

Have fun!


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