Fifty Shades of Sexy

When couples dress alike they get fifty shades of Sexy. There’s nothing sexier than having the same style or color like your significant other. Why not dress the part for the Valentine’s Day? Of course, you want to post pictures on Instagram or Facebook to show off what gifts you got, where you went, and most importantly what you wore. We desire love and affection so doing something engaging as a couple may add a difference versus other relationship. How you interact in front of others tells a story where your relationship stands. Dressing alike promotes teamwork and the correlation between the two.

Furthermore, the hottest accessories can include hats, glasses, shoes, handbags, or scarfs. You can go for a simple look as far as a neutral T-shirt. Shoes are another thing that adds love to the dictionary such as the same brand, but with a heel versus a sneaker. Blazers and coats are trendy, chic and sexy so you can mix it with slacks or boyfriend jeans. There are many sexy styles and poses you can practice from before the big day. Here are some dressing ideas to accomplish fifty shades of sexy.

If it’s a formal outing, dress with the same color, but different style. You can always try color blocking to through one thing off like your shoes.


Its sweater weather so dressing with cow necks and fitted apparel will show off what your packing on that chest.


Take control of your style, and use neutral colors to mix and match your look.

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Being plain is still sexy without be revealing, so try with a loose T-shirt and accessories to dress the rest.


Slip on the same shoe with red bottoms.




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