Take it to the Bedroom!

This weekend you still have time to design your bedroom how you want it for Valentine’s Day with rose pedals, red curtains, fancy pillows, and a satin comforter. Spice up your life and take it to the bedroom with all your creativity and sexy lingerie. A great way to keep your relationship spontaneous is to change your room and give a special surprise. Think about other gadgets to bring including chains, whips, candy, confetti, or even strip poles to go along with it. You can even take it to the tub with lots of bubbles and a champagne glass afterwards. In addition, music helps relax the body and sets the mood as your partner walks into the new bedroom.  Also, red isn’t the only color that screams sexy. Try using pink, white, black, gold, or leopard print accessories to dress it up. Candles never go out of style so instead of using the room light, lit some fire into the darkness and smell great scents at the same time.

Pinterest pinners recommend shopping at Pier 1 Imports, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Kirklands, JCpenny, or BedBath and Beyond to collect most hot accessories. To save a dollar, visit vintage shops or thrift stores for decorative pillows or antique lamps. Also, try Ikea for modern furniture such as end tables and bed frames. There are many creative ways to design your room, so go for something that is your character and style.

If you want to be different this year, here are some ideas to decorate your bedroom with lots of love to please your love one.





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