Gift Guide for Him and Her

Since the overrated holiday will be approaching next weekend, here are some suggestions what to buy your boo or friend for Valentine’s Day. Ladies always come first, but don’t worry because they’re pretty much easy to shop for. Most women like to start off their day with something joyful such as flowers, makeup, or perfume. Therefore, a nice surprise would be nice as she walks out the door with flowers at her door step or you can give her a chocolate bar with varieties of eye shadow shades. Men, this is your time to be creative so use your talent to surprise her with shoes on the bed and a piece of gold as you both step out for the night.

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For men, neutral colors are the best so this year dark brown is one of the most popular colors. Have you ever heard “Act like a lady, but Think like a Man?” It’s really true because what do men like? Let’s start with some cologne and a shaving kit to keep up with their hygiene. Of course, a woman would like to feel on a smooth surface with a nice scent as she cuddles him. These gifts never fail because they are the most needed. We all love fashion so let’s add some swag to our men with a watch that’s not too pricey, a hat to match, and a thin coat for the night outs. These are standard gifts for the clueless women that don’t know so you can’t go wrong with buying such things.


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