Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Are you looking to make things sizzle this Valentine’s Day?  Most often, Valentine’s Day is all about the ladies and making them feel special.  But what about your man?  He wants to feel some of the love too!  We’ve scoured and found five relatively inexpensive and sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for him that’ll have him loving every minute of being with you.  So come on, let’s spice things up a bit!  Don’t forget to pick up a sexy outfit for the bedroom from AMIClubwear’s intimates selection.

Massage CandlesNo, these aren’t your ordinary wax and wick candles.  Rather than wasting wax, these candles melt down into a silky smooth massage oil.  The thoughtful design even has a drip detail that allows you to pour the massage oil straight on his back for a sensual massage.  Light, candle, action!


Sex ChecksThere’s no need to break the bank this Valentine’s Day.  Rather, pick up this checkbook and get to making him payments.  From foreplay to fantasy, this fun book of IOU’s and UOME’s is sure to heat up things in the bedroom.


Position of the Day PlaybookYou know, missionary isn’t the only position in the sexual universe.  Is it time to learn some new moves?  The book, Position of the Day Playbook: Sex Every Day in Every Way, from has got you covered!  In fact, they’ve compiled not just one, but 365 sex positions for you and your boo; one for every day of the year!


Blowjob In A BoxNo room for basic here.  Rather than giving a basic blowjob, use this gift to blow his mind!  This kit comes with the essentials for a safe and sexy session oral presentation.  This isn’t the only sex toy kit curated by Babelandthey’ve got a nice selection of his and her kits.


Chocolate Body PaintChocolates are usually gifted to women on Valentine’s Day.  Rather than giving your lover a box of chocolates, present him with a jar of chocolate body paint along with your body as a canvas.  He’ll love creating his own masterpiece!  Best part about it…he can lick it all off and do it all over again.


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