How to Accessorize a Party Dress

You’ve finally found the perfect party dress—now what do you wear with it? Choosing tasteful and creative accessories can be the key to the perfect party outfit. They make the difference between looking pretty good and turning heads! But maybe you haven’t gotten the hang of accessorizing yet. Here at AMIClubwear, we’re experts at that!

Here are our tips for how to accessorize a party dress:

pink purse to accessorize party dresses

1.  A shoulder bag, not a clutch – Clutches look great, but if you’re wearing a party dress you’re probably going to a party, right? And at a party, you’re going to need your hands free. You’ll put those hands to work holding a drink, picking at snacks, shaking hands or exchanging business cards. Many parties don’t have a good, secure place to leave your clutch and, even if they do, don’t you need some of the stuff that’s inside the bag? We recommend owning a few dainty, embellished shoulder bags that will work with a variety of party dresses and situations. That way, you’ll have the things you need, you don’t have to hold onto anything, and you look great!

2.  Get serious about flats – Most women automatically associate a party with heels – and there’s no doubt that heels are a killer look. But they have some downsides: they can be uncomfortable, they can make dancing difficult, and they can seem like too much if you’re already a little bit on the tall side. Once in a while, try rocking flats at a party—even the most formal party. Just choose upscale looking flats that work well with your party dress (we feel that flats work best with dresses that fall to about the knee or longer, as with a shorter dress they can make your legs look way too long and gangly). Not only will you look just as good as all the girls with lifts, you’ll also be the only one who can still walk at the end of the night!scarf

3.  Decorated socks go a long way – This is something many girls overlook, but it’s an accessory that can work wonders. By decorated socks we don’t mean the ones with cats or bunnies knit into them (unless it’s that kind of party!) but elegant, high-end style socks that are embellished with sparkles, lace or other decoration at the top. A pair of these in black will work with almost any set of flats or low heels and can even turn sandals into a party shoe.

4.  Layer upParty dresses are rarely warm and, unless it’s July, you might find yourself chilly as the night goes on. Shawls, scarves, and jackets both go over a party dress very nicely and give you the option to layer up or layer down as needed.

What are your favorite accessories for a party dress? Let us know in the comments below!

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