Valentine’s Day Color Meanings and Styles to Match

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. The stage is getting set as love and romance will soon be celebrated!   All around you see splashes of pink, bursts of red, and bright white. We’ve seen these colors symbolize the holiday all our lives; but have you ever thought about their meanings?  We have a little insight behind the three hues and picked out some of our favorite items you can wear this Valentine’s Day. You’ll find a casual dress, evening dress, skirt, pair of shoes, and accessory for each color.

Pink is a color of sweetness, affection, and understanding.  In terms of gift giving or flowers, pink would be for those in your family or close friends.  It also represents high esteem or appreciation.  So share pink with a person you’ve looked up to, to communicate that feeling.


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Red is the color of blood and fire, thus associated with love, heat, lust, sexuality, passion, and romance.  Men get weak in the knees and the blood starts pumping when they spot a lady in red, so shower yourself in it.  Red should be reserved for intimate, romantic relationships as a symbol of deep love.


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White is fresh, bright, and symbolizes purity, humility, spiritual love, and reverence. It also represents faithfulness, which is a valuable component in any love relationship.  Use what as an accent to either red or pink when giving flowers or gifts.


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Here is a brief list of what out of the ordinary rose colors can mean on Valentine’s Day…

  • Yellow: Friendship, joy, welcome back, get well
  • Purple/Lavender: Enchantment, majesty, love at first sight
  • Orange: Desire, enthusiasm, passion
  • Peach: Sympathy, sincerity, modesty
  • Red & White: Unity
  • Red & Yellow: Congratulations
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