20 Fun, Cheap or Free Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples here and there are scrambling to come up with a date night to remember.  This year the holiday lands on a Saturday, so such a special occasion calls for more than the typical dinner and a movie or cozy cuddle session paired with Netflix.  Whether you’re celebrating love or spending quality time with your lover just because, it’s always nice to spice things up and step outside the box on date night.  In fact, researchers have found it beneficial to do so as it will increase relationship satisfaction. Well, no need to fret!  We’ve got you covered and have compiled a list of 20 fun, unique, cheap (sometimes free) dates for you and the one you love.  Also, take a moment to check out our newest selection of styles to get an outfit that’s just right for a date with your significant other.

  1. Roll Out:  For a little fun on your feet, head to the roller-skating rink!  Lace up and get yourself out there.  Show off a few of your best dance moves AND athletic ability all in one night.
  2. Star Light, Star Bright: Head outdoors for a night under the stars.  Relax and enjoy a romantic picnic and stargaze at the twinkling lights in the vast sky.  Or visit a local college, museum, or observatory that offers viewing nights to the public.stars
  3. Searching for Treasure: Although most men hate shopping, a trip to a flea market in the area has its rewards.  There’s something for everyone!  Maybe you’ll discover a hobby he has or is a collector of something cool.
  4. Ain’t No Mountain High: Instead of driving each other up the wall, pay a visit to an indoor rock-climbing gym.  Who can reach the peak the fastest?
  5. Splish Splash: Take in the sun’s rays while you spend the day paddling on a nearby river or lake.  Rent kayaks and enjoy the sights that abound. kayak
  6. Ride On: Many cities offer bike rentals at a low cost.  Cruise around town and take in the sights of the city.
  7. Snow Day: If you live in an area near snow, pack up the car with sleds and hit the slopes.  Garbage-can lids can double as sleds as well!  Afterwards, warm up with a fresh cup of hot chocolate.
  8. Guns Blazing: Need to let out some aggression?  Head over to the shooting range for a date that’s sure to cause a bang!
  9. Backseat Lovers: For a twist on the traditional dinner and movie, opt to visit a Drive-In instead.  Before you go, pack up lots of snacks, beverages, pillows, and blankets.  Cuddle up and enjoy the feature film!
  10. Wine, Wine, Wine: Keep it classy, or at least try to, as you make your rounds visiting various wineries.  You’ll definitely be feeling good at the end of it all.  Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket of goodies.wine
  11. Lucky Strike: Pair up with a few other couples for a fun-filled night at the bowling alley.  Make it a friendly competition and throw in a small prize.
  12. Personal Touch: Rather than spending lots of cash at a professional spa, give each other a little love rub.  Massages reduce stress and lift spirits.  Stock up on essential oils to add to the experience.
  13. Scared Straight:  Do you have an appreciation for the dark side?  Visit Hauntedhouse.com for a list of spooky sites in your area.  Take a haunted tour to find out who really wears the pants in the relationship.
  14. In The Kitchen: Take a cooking class together or try preparing a new dish as a duo.  You’ll see how well you work together and perhaps find out you could be the next Master Chef.
  15. Give Back: Dedicate a few hours of time to helping others.  Pick a cause you’re both passionate about and get involved.
  16. Take A Hike: Take a day trip to explore the hidden trails in the nature that surrounds you.  The fresh air and exercise are an added plus too.
  17. Animal Behavior: Tap into your animalistic instincts and visit a local zoo.  You’ll have fun learning about and seeing the many species of life on Earth.¬©NormanArroyoPhotography 2012
  18. Museum Madness:  Whether you’re a lover of art, history, or science, there’s surely a museum for you.  Find an exhibit that interests you both and fill your heads with knowledge.
  19. Break A Leg: Visit a local theater or comedy club for a nice night of entertainment.
  20. Fresh Picked: Enjoy the sights and smells at your local farmer’s market.  Pick produce for the week or grab a bite to eat at one of the many stands.  farmers-market


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