What to Look for in Knee-High Boots

We all need a good pair of knee-high boots to look truly sexy in fall and winter, but how do you choose a pair you’re truly going to love? Boots that fit well and look good are notoriously tricky to find. The good news is that we at AMI Clubwear are experts at this sort of thing. Here are four things to look for to make sure you take home a fabulous pair:

image of several pairs of knee high boots

A good fit in the calf

For many ladies, this can be the bane of knee-high boots. In order to fit at all, knee-highs need to fit around your calves—and finding a cut that works can be surprisingly hard (Rest assured, this doesn’t mean your calves are chubby. A number of boot brands run notoriously narrow here, and women with good calf muscles, like those who jog or cycle, can have this problem too). Some knee-high boots have a flexible calf to be more forgiving and others offer a wide-calf version. Make sure to keep your invoice so that you can exchange a pair that runs on the narrow side for something that fits you better.

No toe pinch

This is the worst! We’ve all learned to live with a certain amount of toe pinch in heels; it’s the price of fashion. But because knee-high boots focus so much more of your leg down toward the toes, the problem can be more severe if you don’t get a good fit. When you try on knee-highs, don’t ignore a little chaffing around the toes. Take it as a warning sign and choose a size that’s more relaxed. Remember that tall boots give your leg shape on their own, so running a little large isn’t a problem. And you’ll often tuck leggings or skinny jeans into them, so the extra room up top will be put to good use.

Reasonable heels

Spike heel knee boots can be a great look for the club, but if you plan to wear these boots on a regular basis take the heels down a notch. Look for heels that give support, height, and a sexy sashay without being so tall that they angle all of your weight down toward the toes. Remember that toe pinch we talked about?

A classic shape

Boots are an investment and they’re one that should pay off over multiple seasons and for years to come. That means that it’s smart to choose classic, enduring styles that aren’t going anywhere for the majority of your boots. Cowgirl, practical flat boots, and platforms are versatile looks for many different outings.

What else do you look for in knee-high boots? Our vast selection of boots offers something for every occasion. Browse our products at AMI Clubwear today and find your new favorite pair!

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  1. Now how to do choose between the colors? Tan Thigh High Riding Boots Faux Leather OR
    Tan Slouchy Thigh High Boots Faux Leather???

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