3 Office-Friendly Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

The New Year is here, which makes now the perfect time for some changes in your personal life, work life, and even the clothes you wear. Whether you want to revamp your entire wardrobe because you’ve accomplished your weight loss objective or are trying to land that big promotion, the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to start working toward your goals.

The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality, character, and professionalism in the workplace. While it is crucial for a woman to maintain her own style and identity, it is just as important to ensure that those very things send the appropriate message. Define your sense of style by investing in stylish- but cheap boots, timeless accessories and clothing that compliments your body type. Before making a purchase this year, consider these tips from us at AMI Clubwear to ensure your new wardrobe fits your budget, current lifestyle and, most importantly, reflects your desire to climb the corporate ladder.

Be Subliminally Sexy

When dressing for work, keep in mind that you don’t have to look sexy in order to feel sexy. If you want to be taken seriously and considered for a higher position because of your abilities and intelligence, steer clear of low cut shirts and short skirts. While these items may be ideal for a night on the town, they could send the wrong message to your employer. Think of it this way: a miniskirt may be sexy, but being a woman in a position of power is even sexier.

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Find the Perfect Heel Height

Most women enjoy a good heel; however, the office probably isn’t the best place to bust out your 5 inch platform stilettos. If you have any doubts about a shoe, ask yourself where else you would wear it. If your response is on a date or to a party, chances are that is where you will look like you are headed if you wear them to your job. It’s best to keep to the business meeting look for everyday wear and black tie event for special occasions with regards to your shoes. If you are more of a boot wearer during the cold months, look for cheap boots on the dressier end of the spectrum that can be worn with business attire. While snow boots definitely serve their purpose, they don’t exactly scream fashion-forward or allow you to exude confidence while in them, which is necessary when trying to excel in your career path.

Fewer Accessories

There is an old adage that less is more and, although the idiom is quite vague, it directly applies to your workplace fashion. Accessories are your friend and should add, not distract, from your outfit. Bold jewelry can look amazing when worn in moderation but, overall, your accessories should be minimal while on the job. Many women confuse quantity with quality and over-exaggerate their outfits with obnoxious pieces. Rather than making you look fashionable, this can send a message that you are disorganized. If you want to present yourself as well put together, it’s best to keep things classic and simple.

By following these tips, your superiors and coworkers will see you in a different light and you will shine like the true professional you are. Check out our selection of affordable boots and accessories at AMI Clubwear to complete your office outfit!


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