Get the scoop – 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


Last night marked one the most genetically blessed events of all time. The 19th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show! This year was jam packed with nothing short of the usual – beautiful models clad in equally stunning lingerie, along with great musical performances. Usually filmed in New York City, VS decided to head across the pond  and share their delights with London. Nothing wrong with adding some international flair. Although the show aired last night, thanks to the reality of social media (hello instagram!), we have been given peeks into the build up of this renowned fashion show. From the private jet that transported these beauties to their destination, to behind-the-scenes workouts with some of the models, seeing the entire production come to life was nothing short of eye-opening inspiration (not to mention being mad at my parents genetics for not making me look like Adriana Lima, oh well). Getting runway ready wouldn’t be complete without the 25 hairstylists, 25 make-up artists, and 9 manicurists on hand to exemplify the already stunning 47 models. Put all of that together, and you have one lingerie show of pure perfection.

As with any good runway production, there were multiple themes throughout the show; gilded angels, university pink, exotic traveler, fairy tale, dream girl, and angel ball.

Glittery gold was the kick off of the show. All of the models wore various versions of Greek goddesses, along with white lingerie. The opening act Behati Prinsloo (yes, Adam Levine’s wife) did not disappoint! She made her mark sashaying down the runway with the perfect bronzey-golden glow adorned with gold wings and corset. Gilded angel indeed.


Ed Shernan and his delicate voice was the perfect soundtrack to accompany the models debut of the Exotic Traveler theme. Bursts of color, and beautiful sheers outlined the runway. One of the highlights of the show every year is the revelation of the ‘Fantasy Bra.’ What a fitting name for a bra bedazzled in $2million worth of diamonds(!!). This year, not only was there one, but two Fantasy bras (no big deal)! Worn by longtime VS angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, the beautiful colors and sexy cutouts looked like a scene from Brazil’s carnival. To add fantasy to fantasy each bra was handcrafted with 16,000 rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Good luck getting one of these on this years Christmas list!  Each outfit, and carefully secured angel wing transported you to a different location. Your imagination was able to take you from country to country; Greece, Brazil, Spain – the inspiration was endless!

Ariana Grande singing along to the University Pink portion of the show couldn’t have been more fitting. Clad in a black rhinestone two-piece with an accenuating pink animal print belt, she tied in perfectly with the fun, young flirty vibe. The VS PINK  collection was the forefront and highlight of this portion of the show. College campus’ everywhere get ready to gear up Victoria’s Secret style. Pink hoodies, and bright animal color prints were standard compliments for the models in their casual sports bras and younger, trendier fashions.


Between takes there were several Victoria Secret representatives that gave you, the viewer, an all-access look into the creation of the show. The notorious angel wings were spoken about and the intense amount of detail that goes into each ones creation.  Many of the well known models were also highlighted between takes. It almost seems like there is a difference from being an “angel” in the show versus a model. Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss were a few of the household names that gave a peek into their workout regime, and even how they settle their nerves just before it’s runway time. Just as there are the popular models we look forward to seeing,  no VS show would be complete without a few fresh faces. Newcomers this time around were Grace Mahary, Yumi Lambert, and Stella Maxwell just to name a few. Young, fresh and equally appealing, they kept the show young and energetic. 

The Fairytale theme, with music provided by Hoosier, was nothing short of enchanting. A stage lined with white cut-out trees perfectly complimented the soft whites and hues that were presented. Candice Swanopel opened this theme with an off-white corset and beautiful knee-high gladiator strap heels. We’ve seen a lot of these throughout the season, and we can not (and will not) complain. Don’t worry, we have similar styles here and here.

Although all of them were equally gorgeous (you can’t go wrong when Joan Smalls is involved) my favorite theme of the night, which happened to be the finale, was the Angel Ball. The dark, demure aspect of this theme created a truly mysterious and sexy vibe. The colors were all dark – utilizing blacks and darker hues of blue. I’ll take one of each please. Real life besties, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss set a fun-filled scene as they strut out together for this final act. What could be more fun than having a blast with your best friend on stage? All of the ladies were dressed in various forms of black lingerie. Black lace, black corsets, black sexy wings? Check. Check. Check!

The final role call of the show brought out each model and their wings. Lots of confetti fell from the sky as the girls danced and the audience stood to their feet and cheered. It’s been said that tickets were sold for up to $25,000 working in part with a charity. Between all of the beautiful models, and the great performances, the experience seems once in a lifetime.


After watching this show you are feeling one of two ways; in complete aw that one room could hold such a great amount of beauty and/or why did I just eat a hamburger? Let’s be honest, girls build their New Year’s resolution to-do list from watching this show. Workout time anyone? I know abs like Behati’s are on my wish list. In the meantime, I’ve put together a few inspiration pieces that will help get-the-look, and get you into a VS sexy mood until then. Victoria’s Secret, you do not disappoint,  can’t wait for next years!


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