4 Maxi Dress Styles to Try This Season

Plum Long Sleeves Mermaid Maxi DressAre you a fan of maxi dresses? These dresses are traditionally a fashion staple for the warmer months of spring and especially summer. They are usually lightweight, flowy, and come in bright colors and floral prints. However, more and more maxi dresses have been making their way onto shelves this winter, proving that this dress style can work for colder months, too! Here are four of our favorite styles you need to try this season!

1.  Long Sleeves – The maxi dresses you are familiar with from the spring and summer all probably have one thing in common: they lack sleeves. However, in the winter when the temperatures frequently plummet below freezing, you’re really going to want some extra coverage. You’ll be happy to hear that many of our maxi dresses feature long sleeves to give you extra warmth and comfort.Image of black and white long-sleeved maxi dress

2.  Mermaid – Who said mermaids can’t have fun in the winter? The mermaid style is making a splash when it comes to maxi dresses! This style features a beautiful, flowy mermaid tail hem and a form-fitting top that really shows off your curves. While you probably won’t be wearing these maxi dresses by the shore this winter, you’ll still feel like a mermaid goddess when wearing one indoors!

Red Studded Decor Double Slit Maxi Dress3.  Slit – You’ll notice that winter maxi dresses will be made of heavier, warmer materials and that many of them will have sleeves. They are designed to keep you warm, which is the exact opposite of how the dresses for the spring and summer months are made. However, that does not mean they can’t still be sexy. Many of these dresses feature slits at the legs to allow you to show a little bit of skin without completely compromising your warmth. One of our favorite styles is the double slit maxi dress. This particular cut shows just enough skin to make it very sexy and almost exotic.

Black Long Sleeves Cut Out Maxi Dress4.  Cut Out – If dresses with slits aren’t quite sexy enough for you, you can always try the bolder cut out styles. Two-piece cut out maxi dresses aren’t too hard to find, and one of our favorite styles features cut outs from the sides, shoulders, and a little bit on the chest, too. With a cut out front and open back, this variety shows just enough skin to allow for maximum sex appeal; however, the long sleeves will help you to stay warm, even on the coldest of nights. This look is especially great for an adult holiday party with some friends.

Have you ever tried any of these maxi dresses? What is your favorite style for the winter?

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